Diverse in Culture, United in Love

The Hispanic world encompasses 21 countries and territories, countries where Spanish is spoken by a significant percentage of the population, and geographical neighbors that speak beautiful languages alongside Spanish. Within all of these nations are countless creole cultures and indigenous peoples with their own languages and traditions - some thousands of years old. Representatives from this tapestry of humanity have made the Upstate of South Carolina their home, bringing with them their most distinct differences and rich traditions.


But no matter who, or where we are, a pandemic can reach us all. 


For fifteen years, the growing Network that became Hispanic Alliance has persisted in upholding collaboration, unity, and love above any initiative or influence. Our partners hold to these ideals, making them powerful adversaries against the damage that COVID-19 brought to our Hispanic community. Four particular groups have risen as leaders of the crisis response, feeding  thousands of suddenly impoverished families,  bringing life-saving information to those at high risk of illness,  and sustaining the dignity and  hope of those they assist. 

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Week 1 

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Week 2


Week 3


Week 4

"The Business of Building Bridges"

This piece is co-written by Hispanic Alliance and Greenville Business Magazine as part of their October 2020 Issue. Learn more about the partnership here.